RSS Pipes

A system that allows everyone to freely create and edit RSS aggregators

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RSS Pipes

This is a web service for RSS aggregators that is to combine several RSS feeds to one feed. The main feature of this service is that filters of aggregators are written in JavaScript, just like a Wiki system.

How to use


and you will see a list of RSS aggregators already created. You can simply use an existing RSS aggregator by copying the URL into your favorite RSS reader.

You can also create a new aggregagor by clicking "Create" button. Please input meaningful name and description. The name cannot be changed once created.

The followings explain how to use the service for different user types.

Users who don't write JavaScript at all

You don't have to write filters. Just input a name, a description and RSS URLs, then you will get a combined RSS feed.

Users who can write JavaScript a little

You can use the filter import function, which loads a pre-defined filter. You can modify it as needed.

Users who can write JavaScript a little more

Copy a pre-defined filter or a filter in an existing aggregator, and modify it as you like.

Users who are JavaScript programmers

Would you write a pre-defined filter? If you create one on Gist, notify it by GitHub issue.